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Below is information from Little League Central Region regarding the tie breaking rules:




2019 Tournament Rules Chart



Residency Validation Requirement


Group 1

·        Driver’s License (must be issued prior to February 1, 2019)

·        School Records

·        Vehicle Records (registration)

·        Employer Records

·        Insurance Documents


Group 2

·        Welfare / Child Care Record

·        Federal Record (social security, federal tax)

·        State Records

·        Local (municipal) Records

·        Support Payments

·        Homeowner/Tenant Records (2018 property tax or lease agreement)


Group 3

·        Voters Registration

·        Utility Bills (Gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating and waste disposal)

·        Financial Records ( loans, credit, investments)

·        Medical Records

·        Internet, Cable or Satellite Records


All documents must be dated between February 1, 2018 and February 2019.

One document from each category must be provided to prove residency. NO EXCEPTIONS

This is the information we hand out at our coaches meeting.

Here is the explanations, I give for each category. I however would not give this information in writing to each league.  

Group 1

§  Driver’s license must be valid at the time of validation. (ie if they renewed their license on March 3, you cannot except the expired one nor the new one (doesn’t fall in the date range).

§  School records.  If they are going to use the report card to prove residency, it must have the students name and address and have the first quarter or grades from the 2018/2019 school year. We highly recommend not using a report cards. The home address is not listed on the report card itself, it is usually on a separate envelope which does not work for validation purpose.

§  Vehicle Records.  We have used a title of a vehicle that was purchased between the date range. Renewal of their license plate can be used provided it falls in the date range. 

§  Employee Records.  Pay check stub, w-2’s.

§  Insurance Documents. This can be car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, explanations from the carriers.  It just must be dated in the date range.

Group 2

§  Welfare / Child Care Records. Daycare statements, letters from the state regarding EBT benefits, WIC.

§  Federal Records. Your federal tax return that is done is a questionable item because an individual can manipulate the information on it. We have accepted w-2’s as federal records. (if you use it as an employment record, you would not be able to use it as a federal or state record.)

§  State records.

§  Local / Municipal Records.


Homeowner or tenant records.  ( If a parent is a homeowner, their property tax is public record, anyone can get that information.) A copy of a lease or payment receipts to a renter are acceptable.  The receipt must have the address and name of the tenant on it. A mortgage statement is also a home owner record however, it can not then used as a financial record

Group 3

§  Voters Registration

§  Utility Bills – here are the two items you must watch out for on utility bills.  The date range.  It must fall between Feb. 1, 2018 and Feb. 1, 2019.  Second.  Utility bills do not always have the name on it.  In our area, instead of the name, it will say owner or occupant.

§  Financial Records. This can be investments, retirement plans, credit card statements, bank statements, checking statements, loan statements.

§  Medical records. 

§  Internet, Cable or Satellite Records. Make sure the date is in the correct range.

At the coaches and managers meeting, you need to stress and restress the date range. This is the most common mistake that is made by coaches, managers, presidents and parents. They need one from each category.  Documents may fall in more than one group, but you need to have a different proof from each group.

School Validation

·        Complete the school form from Little League website.  Watch the date very closely when filling this form out.  If a player is moving from elementary school to middle school it must be completed by the school they were enrolled in on October 1, 2018.  A report card is not acceptable to complete school validation.

If the school resides in the boundaries, this is the easiest way to validate a player.

When using the school for validation, you need to use the schools address on the affidavit.

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